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Other reasons for lack of erection the stronger sex
The long member may not stand that the man has some problems from the point of view of a hormonal background. It has a direct relation to potency, erection. The first thing it is recommended to check the level of testosterone, because it is in his “competence” is always male. What to do if hormones are not in order? For this knowledge is to go to a specialist, like an endocrinologist. Viagra he will perform the tests for hormones and the condition of the thyroid gland, which is also important.
Perhaps some of the problem in men with potency has arisen from the fact that at the moment his body is fighting any disease (usually infectious), which temporarily affects the erection.
If the disease itself does not yet, it will show the analysis of blood and urine. If a man knows that he is sick now and safe again, we can advise only patience. There is no doubt that soon all will return into place.

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And that's not all the reasons, because of which it loses erection. Inflammation of testicles and appendages, problems with blood vessels, mechanical trauma to the groin area, recent surgery, problems with the immune system – all this and more the most direct effect on male viability. You need to watch your health. But what you cannot do is to let things take their course, relying on temporary measures. Now every man knows what to do if there is no erection. Excellent health and potency!

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To increase the testosterone level can pierce the synthetic androgenic hormone Testosterone propionate. However, it is a stimulant that not only will not restore your hormonal system, but also, to a certain stage, begins to oppress her, which, ultimately, will further exacerbate your erectile problems.
The best means of natural, which stimulates the synthesis of testosterone is the Rhaponticum.
You can use for weak erection or, if the member is not necessary, extract levzei or drugs based on it, such as ecdysterone.
Pour in a glass of water, 15-20 grams, 20-25 there and drip drops of the extract levzei, drink. This order Viagra should be done in the morning. Dosage not to exceed, otherwise it may be the opposite effect.
You can, if not dick, eat aphrodisiacs, but their effectiveness is not proved and questionable.

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Short summary

To member good standing:
Restore and strengthen the circulation of the entire body and in the genital area, by using contrasting procedures, and Viagra (levitra, Kamagra, Cialis). If you have problems with cardiovascular system, blood pressure or vision, before to buy Viagra, consult your doctor. The same applies to contrast showers.

Stimulate production of your own testosterone by a miracle of the plant Rhaponticum.

If all else fails and the erection is weak or absent, then the cause is a serious disease. You need a medical examination and immediate treatment.

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Omon April 2015, 4:30
From Cialis effect stronger and shifts much faster noticeable, I suggest to try Cialis, the rate 1 month 1 tablet 1 time per 3 days or as needed. Then pharmacology is no longer needed, the function should fully recover and take Cialis if you want, when you want a special effect or to impress a partner of their particular sexual power.

Salaga April 2015, 5:21
Tried it, unfortunately did not fit me :( I don't know why, but I had an aching lower back and severe headaches. So many things have tried, so far, the doctor agreed on the smallest dose of Olmuksa. let's see how things will be.

Babka April 2015, 5:25
Kaniak this pleases the rays of Lekarstva kada member nor Stait. wipi bottle kaniak and wakes StayAt like kanya.

Snog April 2015, 5:28
Only drink the Armenian kaniak Ana pamoja another so there is not as

Golovka April 2015, 1:09
No, no, no alcohol! I Olmax scarcely dare, I do not like the whole thing, but for the health of trying. Brandy is definitely not a method for me.

Sash April 2015, 11:36
Cialis is it good for those who are not a member. Fucking jumps up like a mad dog and bitch become strong, barely two hands can overcome. lol! I think the member from cialis (not to be confused with the shitty Sealex) even grows. So in kind. I measured a half a year ago and was 17 cm, and now after 2 times of taking cialis, measurements - 18.5 cm, Neriak! Another couple of pills and drink will 20 see in General, generic Viagra my dream is a member of 28-30 cm and the third member always stood by my desire, and not by magic. Otherwise, why would I want a huge member, if he is not? It is not the healthy member, and the patient.


Petr may 2015, 1:27
lump growing on pills?look,I still believe that Olmecs cures erection time doctor has prescribed to man, but from your advertising stuff growing-well dunno... if you're not 15 years, there certainly is growing!

Aram may 2015, 1:47
No you're right! In naturi at this cialis right bump grows I saw. I drank 2 pills and I have Stak was this simple ass. The member was at 2-3 centimeters longer and thickness.

Admin may 2015, 2:13

From Cialis member is not growing, actually. He just "picks up" an erection at 100% and therefore becomes larger in comparison with normal erection 80-90% of the possible maximum. I explained how could popular, but not the medical language, so especially do not criticize my answer. The member can be increased, in part, with penon cream. penon cream


Popa August 2015, 11:05
Really helped neurodes. I'm already on a wall climbed from the scandals and the unwillingness of the husband to recognize the problem. Thank you very advised remedy by a family friend, he's a doctor, the opinion of an authoritative person very opportunely had. A couple of weeks already and didn't remember that nastoek was in our lives.


Soso21 August 2015, 13:26
Pauline try to give her husband a cialis and see what happens!

Andrey Kim25 August 2015, 6:28
And what you neurodes, MPI for potency? A very different action BAD. Read carefully, he is for extending the PA and not for potency.


pidor25 August 2015, 8:01
Viagra with cialis to drink - there will be


foot27 August 2015, 4:35
Vika, the rate for the month according to instructions, in two weeks we got the result and course husband to the end and drank - as it should be.


Анонимный29 August 2015, 11:27
This comment was deleted by the blog administrator.


kaka29 August 2015, 11:35
It's the last century already. Now if not a member of Sandra rules of Sandra It is more natural, without contraindications and no less strong than cialis or viagra.


shalun9 September 2015, 4:13
If not a member you should consult a specialist to identify the problem. And if you just need to say to help a friend, then this case is perfect olmax strong.


Timothy 1 September 2015, 12:20
In this issue Vuka-Vuka is very good. Itself take. The pobochki do not exist but the result is stunning.


Anonim13 September 2015, 12:11
What course should you take? One package is enough for a course, then when?

Timothy 4 September 2015, 8:27
Course 5 packs, then after a week another course as well and 2 weeks break. Then you can carry on supporting course for 4 packs a month.

gooog17 September 2015, 7:17
I was immediately stunned koment from Timothy Staple, I think: I kind of didn't, but then I realized that the name is different :) it's head at me while all is normal. Regarding tablets. One package of 10 days is enough and I drink a month. The next course, when you feel that you need the.

Fooool September 2015, 6:51
Wow... I thought, got rid of the packaging and you're a fighter... Viagra - best price.


Timothy 9 September 2015, 6:03
Immediately any one remedy will not cure this problem, I know I did. Does that give an erection for a few hours and all. And Vuka Vuka simply doesn't allow the disease to develop, in that its effectiveness.